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Customer Focus At CompEx customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take the time to listen tour clients goals and objectives to identify pain points or breakdowns in process flow when scoping out a project.

Out-of-box thinking We think outside the box and develop creative solutions perfectly tailored to your needs and goals. We develop software using a cost effective agile development process that evolves through collaboration with our clients.

Rich experience We strive for high quality deliverables with intuitive user interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing, efficient, scalable, and secure.

Driven by desire to innovate Discover who we are and what drives us at Mobius to see that we’re the right partner for you and your business. Peerless talent, using the most advanced innovative technology to deliver the ideal solution for your business.

Innovative approach At Mobius we don’t just sell products and develop template solutions. We take every client as an opportunity to create something new and unique, be it a simple web presentation or sophisticated warehouse management solution with visual object image recognition.

We invent technology Our thinking is not restrained to existing technologies, especially not to a narrow area of web technologies. When developing a solution perfectly tailored for you, we think out of the box to come up with creative and innovative solution that will best achieve the desired goals you have in mind. We’re not afraid to make up our own technologies on the go, because that is what we do best.

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We build beautiful web pages that everyone understands and enjoys.
  • Uniquely personal
  • Catchy content
  • Long-term relationship


We develop solutions that many couldn’t even imagine possible.
  • Unrestrained thinking
  • We’re experts in the field
  • Long-time experience


Point-Click-Send™: endless possibilities as an intuitive link to the digital universe.
  • A powerful, self learning recognition software used with camera cell phones
  • Take a shot, send it, magic happens

We use progressive technology solutions




Smart Contacts

E-crypto-Micro payments

IoT based solutions

Natural Language

Big Data Analysis

Object Vision & Image Recognition

Our services

Software Development E-Commerce Systems Project Management Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy Consulting Project Analysis & Requirements Specification Software Testing & QA Software Integration to Existing Systems API Integration Hardware integration IT Support & Maintenance

Platforms & Technologies we support

Business portals & platforms Multi-platform application development Cloud Application development Web Application development API development Mobile Application development (IOS & Android) Hardware Engineering Full Electronics Engineering profesional services ERP design and integration. (Enterprise Resource Planning) MRP (Manufacturer Resource Planning) CRM (Customer Resource Management) Accounting (Banking and payments) Visual Communications Image recognition and self learning systems Computer Vision / Object Detection PHP / Laravel applications MySQL / MSSQL / Oracle Databases VOD (Video On Demand) Content Delivery IoT (Internet Of Things) Systems development IoT / MQTT / NodeRed / Home Automation Deployments

In our long jorney we learnt many skills. Web design, multiplatform multidevice custom development, online marketing, SEO and analysis are just the basics of our wide array of solutions. We’ve also invested significat resources into development of our own products such as TrustPRODUCE or Mobius, all waiting to be discovered by you.


Personally, I would introduce Aram from a podium simply as follows: "Aram Kovach is many things: a scientist, inventor, theorist, visionary. But the world inhabited by those who seek his expertise, those who benefit from his team's substantial work product, he is only one thing: Aram Kovach is a "Rain Maker".

Author: Randall Reed Williams



I highly recommend CompEx, Inc.’s team of creative experienced software application developers to any growing enterprise with needs ranging from setting up a scalable Internet cloud platform for complex data analysis to producing a new website that clearly and simply communicates new offerings for any advanced technology ecosystem and marketplace, such as CompEx, Inc. has done for MassMatrix, Inc.

Aram and his team quickly understood our complex biodata analysis workflow processing requirements and our need for a highly secure and scalable cloud platform on Amazon Web Services where subscribers can perform their bioscience research and development of new drugs and therapeutics. Our customers are situated across the globe and some of Aram’s team members are also abroad which enabled them to work virtually across time zones and provide very timely support for our projects.

In all, MassMatrix, Inc. is very pleased to have CompEx, Inc.’s services available when needed and to have Aram participating on our Board of Advisors.

Author: Dave Ditmars
MassMatrix, Inc.


We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for CompEx, inc., the exceptional custom software development company that we had the privilege of partnering with to design an automated software project portal which is used to design and fabricate airport runway signs and submittals globally for our company.  This collaboration has not only revolutionized our legacy solution but has also set new standards for excellence and precision in airport signage and our submittals.

CompEx, inc. has saved us countless hours of CAD design and provided us with a competitive edge in the industry with a streamlined process flow for exceptional project submittals and design of runway signage for FAA, ICAO and TP312.  CompEx, inc. embarked on this monumental project with a profound commitment to adhering to industry standards and regulations. They meticulously followed guidelines and recommendations from renowned organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This unwavering dedication to compliance ensured that every runway sign they produced met the highest safety and quality standards, instilling confidence in aviation authorities worldwide.

One of the remarkable achievements that CompEx, inc created was the development of cutting-edge software that drives the machines responsible for creating the signs.  This software not only optimized the fabrication process but also provided quality control, significantly reducing the margin of error and enhancing the efficiency of the entire production line.

Furthermore, CompEx, inc. exhibited remarkable creativity and innovation.  This achievement speaks volumes about the quality, reliability, and global acceptance of their products. The safety of countless airports relies on the precision and reliability of these signs, and CompEx, inc. has excelled in meeting this critical responsibility.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly endorse CompEx, inc. for their exceptional contributions to this project. Their commitment to adhering to standards and their innovative software solutions, have been instrumental in our success. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and anticipate even more groundbreaking achievements in the future.

Author: Jerry Farkas
Operations Service Owner

RRW Engineering

RRW engineering is an automation and machinery outfit, primarily in the automatic truck washing industry. We design, build, install, and operate high volume, unattended facilities, and among our customers we are the national design/build/operator to FedEx Corp.

Our control systems and operations platform parallel FedEx’s goal to be known for the best in the industry. Their aspirations keep us innovating, and lately this has taken on increased meaning as we strive to equally reflect their accelerated pace.

We asked Aram to look over our otherwise excellent machine control and remote systems reporting scheme several years ago. The goal was to position RRW ENG as the platform leader, and update to the most modern tools.

We received a remarkable and rather attention-getting boost from Mobius. Currently we now offer FedEx a visual recognition system capable of returning data at multiple levels of permission by simply taking a photograph of a truck or trailer, including while at speed on the road, anywhere cellular is available.

RRW Engineering based in Virginia, with nine locations in the US: manufacturing in Delaware OH, and operations facilities in NYC, Hagerstown Md, Greensboro, NC, Chicago, Columbus, OH, Los Angeles, Sacramento, And Portland OR. Our company productivity has increased greatly, and our technology is ahead of our tech-savy customers. A good place to be.

Aram Kovach handled our projects with speed and agility, and frankly, knowing what his group is capable of, we are searching for broader usage of the patented technology within FedEx proper...beyond automatic facilities operations.

I highly recommend him. He is out front, there is no doubt. I advise to consider what it takes to align your goals with this talent.

Should you wish to follow-up, I am pleased to speak with you. I am on the road all week, but take calls 24 hours.

I hope you are well,

Author: Randall Reed Williams
RRW Engineering

Benchmark Education Company

Aram Kovach and his company Mobius, about the systems work they did for us at Benchmark Education during a critical moment in the company's history, when we needed to move our large book warehouse inventory and distribution center from New York to Groveport, Ohio.

The initial project as envisioned by Benchmark management was to operate with the existing warehouse management system (WMS) until normal warehouse operations were attained, then seamlessly install the new Mobius ERP/WMS IT system underneath the old structure.

Project scope requirements:
(1) Move large inventory from New York, and start-up the new warehouse in Groveport Ohio.
(2) Significantly expand new warehouse operations.
(3) Wind-down the old IT system while bringing the new one online.
(4) Hire and train the new workforce.
(5) All to be accomplished during peak shipping season where 50% of our annual revenue was involved.

Aram and his team were initially responsible for engineering/building and installing a sophisticated WMS incorporating Google Glass heads-up inventory/identification display and utilizing Aram’s patented Mobius image recognition and mobile cell technology.

The physical move from New York to Groveport Ohio commenced. Immediately upon move-in and operations start-up in Groveport, existing systems proved to be inoperable/incompatible in the new warehouse environment.

The incompatibility problems were due to our rapid growth, sub assembly communications and aged IT system issues.

Aram and his team were asked to immediately pivot, and refocus the entire project and provide IT solutions across the entire system. These solutions would be needed beginning the next day.

The Mobius team was facing a new system cold-start with no time for errors. These critical circumstances required the warehouse and customer service operations to be implemented and operated at previously un-experienced levels, in order to complete shipments within a 120-day window. No other option was possible.

Mobius immediately refocused the entire project. Anything and everything needed was provided by them: fiber communications, interim customer service operations, building security systems, counseling, video training employees, and problem resolution.... An exhaustive list outside the initial focus of the project.

Essential elements of the Mobius IT were prioritized and delivered daily. Customer service received a completely new structure. Data capture in the warehouse grew by a factor of 100. Planning and forecasting modules streamed data back to Corporate, that was also restructuring at a dizzying pace.

The Mobius WMS, while only one element in the refocused IT effort, gained critical mass, and enabled operation within days of the move-in.

Aram's Mobius group is an international team that can deliver around the clock when the going gets tough the kinds of solutions meeting our most demanding requirements.

The Mobius IT systems resulting productivity enabled our company to position itself for exponential growth. Over the next 16 months, operations from this new warehouse and integrated systems grew substantially beyond our expectations. Revenues grew significantly as testimony to the new advanced systems installed by Aram and his Mobius team. This has helped transform Benchmark into a leading publisher for education in the USA, with Benchmark Education resources also used in schools and training centers in the Middle East, Canada, South America, and Asia.

We would highly recommend Aram for any advanced engineering project, and entrust him and his team with the vision and execution to deliver.

Author: Tom Reycraft
President and CEO, Benchmark Education Company

Will McKinney

Legacy Recordings/Sony Music hired Mobius to employ a pre-order campaign to help promote and gather sales for a documentary film & audio companion CD by Classic Rock band KANSAS entitled “Miracles Out Of Nowhere”. Working with the band directly, Mobius helped amass a database of fans from their concerts and tapped into this for our pre-order campaign. Through the Mobius’ technology, we were able to reach the target demographic directly with preview clips of the documentary over a 3 month period which resulted in a strong pre-order sales. They were always willing to get clips out whenever we needed and at times when we needed to alter the timeline, they were very flexible and adapted to these changes and executed each part of the campaign perfectly. All in all, we feel that Mobius was a great partner with a platform to help put engaging content in front of our target consumers in a manner that helped generate excitement and encouraged them to pre-order. Through our work together, we are happy with the results as we feel that through Mobius we were able to get directly in front of our target demo and capture their attention in a meaningful way and help spread the word about our release.

Author: Will McKinney
Associate Director, Marketing at Sony Music Entertainment

Aram was a client of Will’s

Eric Zajdel

I've had the pleasure of knowing Aram for the past 6 years. We have worked on a visual documentation product. He and his team have exceeded all of my expectations. I'd consider this project low tech for his capabilities and vision, however he has pursued it with his usual passion. I would recommen... See more

Author: Eric Zajdel
NCS Roof Restoration & JobDoc Founder

Aram worked with Eric in the same group

Bruce Ley

Aram is a brilliant strategist and software scientist. He is unique in this space because he is both a software designer as well as a practical marketer and concept visionary that can explain the applications and get them made. He thinks globally. I have not been in a presentation with him where he has not dazzled and provoked his audience with ideas. If you do not invite him inside he might end up working on ideas with your competitors.

Author: Bruce Ley
Business Development at Dogwood Hills Communications

Bruce worked with Aram but at different companies

David Uland

I have know Aram since 2005 and have worked with him on several projects, both as a customer and a business partner. The primary focus of our work together has been related to web based image processing, web applications related to mobile data collection and processing, and RFID.See more

Author: David Uland
High Impact Innovation

David worked with Aram but at different companies

Ed Bourne

Aram has the unique ability to not only dream of a new technology but to implement it. Most of us dream of an idea and it remains an idea. Aram would dream of something and turn it into a product. One day I mentioned to Aram a product called thru glass. With in two months he had the tec...See more

Author: Ed Bourne
Cloud Transformation, Operational Excellence and Business Transformation executive

Ed worked with Aram but at different companies

Mark Karlan

Aram is an innovator, plain and simple. When you consider people who are ahead of the curve, he's a few steps ahead of them. I enjoyed working with him in a creative technological capacity because I could impress my colleagues and clients while doing things that were both extremely smart and fun.

Author: Mark Karlan
Director of Marketing, Digital Native

Mark was a client of Aram's

Jeani Vance

I have known Aram for many years and have always been in awe of his ability to see what is needed for the future as well as make a vision come to fruition. Aram's ability to establish and provide clear vision and drive to results are only exceeded by his excellent communication skills.

Author: CIO at Prophet
Jeani worked with Aram in different groups

Sunkist Energy taps mobile image recognition to build database

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Coty partners with Playboy for mobile image recognition campaign

Playboy tapped Mobius to let Coty and other advertisers use image recognition technology for mobile devices to enhance their print campaigns and make them actionable and measurable. Mobile image recognition is an alternative to 2D bar codes that seems to be a growing trend...

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Mobius has added a new offering to their line of mobile phone-based products and services. The mobiTURF iPhone application utilizes GPS and real-time weather data to help users purchase the correct amount of seed or lawn care products and to apply them in the most efficient manner...

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" offers customization and multiple-system integration capabilities that just aren't offered by other online ordering services, and we are continuously innovating and upgrading the service," said CompEx CEO Aram Kovach...

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HaberVision, the leading online-only retailer of quality polarized eyewear, has moved into the mobile market by adopting mobiSHADES, an easy-to-use mobile service that allows consumers to virtually "try on" different styles...

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Central Garden & Pet Taps Mobius for Mobile-based Lawn Care at Sam’s Club and Select Walmart Locations

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Order a Case On the Go With mobiWINE, A New Label Image Recognition Service By Mobius

mobiWINE is a new mobile service for wineries, vintners, distributors, restaurants and wine consumers. mobiWINE allows consumers to easily order wine for delivery by the bottle or case using only a camera-enabled mobile phone and the free Mobius image recognition software used by the service.

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EyeBrights™ Using mobiSHADES to Tap Mobile Market

EyeBrights™, the developer and retailer of micro-LED illuminated reading glasses, has adopted mobiSHADES, an easy-to-use mobile application that allows consumers to virtually "try on" and purchase different types...

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KANSAS Partners With Mobile Marketing System Mobius International

KANSAS has been partnering with mobile marketing system, Mobius International, Inc., to help build excitement surrounding the band's recent release of their documentary, Miracles Out Of Nowhere...

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On Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Technology to be Unveiled to Help Reunite Lost Pets and Owners Following Disasters American Humane Association and The Weather Channel team up with mobiPET™, to launch first-ever mobile service to send out digital photo "AMBER Alerts" for pets

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Time vs Money Dot BIZ: Why Buy the Drill If Just the Hole Is Needed is a customer-centric portal designed to help facilitate the interaction between buyers and sellers of services. The company aims to become a global exchange of underutilized capacity of existing assets or human resources...

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